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Baldor 15HP | 1765RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 254TC | 0948M | TENV
VIN#: 1041303956
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Catalog Number:ZDNM2333T


  • Full torque at zero speed
  • 1000:1 constant torque range
  • Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated (TENV) or Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEBC)
  • 1/3 thru 500 horsepower
  • Cast Iron construction
  • C-Face with base 143TC thru 449TC
  • Base mount only in frames 5007L-5009L
  • Class H Insulated
  • ISRŪ (Inverter Spike Resistant) magnet wire
  • Test stands, material handling, packaging equipment, printing presses, etc. Applications requiring adjustable speed operation with full torque from zero to base speed and constant horseposer to maximum speed.

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