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Leeson 7.5HP | 840RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 256T | TEFC
VIN#: 1041927539
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Catalog Number:151356


When it comes to reliable performance in heavy-duty industrial applications, nothing beats the LEESON 150 series and 170 series Heavyweights. With their cast iron construction and 1.15 Service Factor, they are ideal for "tough to handle" applications.
TEFC Motors :
  • 3 through 200 HP
  • C face round body through 25HP
  • 182T through 447T frames
  • C face with base through 75 HP
  • Field convertible to C face or D flange
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Severe-duty rated by adding cast iron fan guard

General Information
  • Carton : Motors are enclosed in a plastic bag to protect from moisture. Motors of NEMA frame 324T and larger are crated. Smaller frames are shipped in a wood frame reinforced carton with pallet.
  • Carton Label : Each carton or crate has a full fact carton which provides the model number, catalog number, weight, HP, phase, Hz, frame, RPM, voltage, and enclosure.
  • Name Plates : Stainless steel nameplate with connection diagram, power factor, efficiency, bearing size and location, motor weight, electrical code, insulation class, ambient temperature, voltage, amperes, speed, service factor amps, duty, frame size, hertz and unique serial number.
  • Paint Finish : Standard efficiency motors finished with primer and LEESON blue paint. Premium efficiency motors finished with primer and chemical-resistant LEESON green epoxy paint.

Electrical Construction
  • Insulation : Class F insulation. Double-dipped and baked. Motors operate within Class B temperature rise limits (70 C for drip proof, 90 C for TEFC).
  • Lead Wires : Lead material is cross linked polyster. The stasndard leadwire length is 6 to 8 inches into the conduit box. They are permanently marked and terminate with connection lugs.
  • Service Factor : Drip-proof and TEFC motors have 1.15 service factors at 60 Hz.
  • Thermostats : Premium efficiency drip-proof and TEFC WATTSAVER designs have normally closed thermostats on the winding ( with Red leads into the conduit box) for inverter service and over-temperature alert.
  • Torque : Motors are nameplated NEMA Design B. Torques, however, exceed NEMA Design C torques (except 3450 rpm) but are nameplated as Design B.
  • Voltage Rating : NEMA 182T through 215T are 9 lead motors and are rated for 208-230/460 volts, 60 Hz, three phase. NEMA 254T and larger are 12 lead motors and rated 208-230/460 volts, 60 Hz, three phase. Motors rated 125 HP and larger are single voltage 460 volts, 60 HZ, three phase.

LEESON 150 & 170 Series Cast Iron motors are extremely versatile and can be field converted in minutes to a number of different configurations.
  • Severe duty (TEFC only, using cast iron fan guard kit)
  • F2 mounting (by reassembly)
  • C face with rigid base (using standard C face kit)
  • D flange with base (using standard D flange kit)

  • Rigid Base - General Purpose
  • Cast Iron
  • General Purpose