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Leeson 5HP | 3450RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 184T | TEFC
VIN#: 1041927567
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Catalog Number:158319


For Hazardous Locations
Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association Listed

These explosion-proof motors are designed and approved for application in hazardous environments having certain explosive gases or materials present.

Conduit Box
UL and CSA listed for Class I, Group C & D, and Class II, Groups F & G locations. Has grounding screw and all hardware provided. Mounts to motor by 3/4"-14NPT opening at rear of box.

Application Notes
These motors must be applied in accordance with the National Electric, Article #500. A partial listing of explosive agents is noted below. Consult NFPA Publication 497M for a complete listing. No LEESON Motors are listed in Class I, Group A or B. Please note subheads above each column for qualifications of LEESON motor.
Class I
Group A : Acetylene
Group B : Butadiene, ethylene oxide, hydrogen, propylene oxide, manufactured gases containing more than 30% hydrogen by volume.
Group C : Acetaldehyde, cyclopropane, diethyl ether, ethylene.
Group D : Acetone, acrylonitrile, ammonia, benzene, butane, ethanol, ethylene dichloride, gasoline, hexane, isoprene, methane (natural gas), methanol, naptha, propane, propylene, styrene, toluene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, xylene.
Class II
Group E : Aluminum, magnesium and other metal dusts with similar characteristics.
Group F : Carbon black, coke or coal dust.
Group G : Flour, starch or grain dust.

  • Rugged mechanical construction meeting all requirements for safety. UL and CSA listed.
  • Double-shielded, pre-lubricated ball bearings are standard. All motors have inherent automatic overload protection. NEMA 1.0 Service Factor except as noted.
  • Explosion-proof conduit box included at no extra cost.
  • Capacitors on single phase designs are mounted inside the motor frame

  • Rigid Base - Explosion Proof
  • Cast Iron
  • Explosion Proof