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Lincoln Electric K2301-1 SP-135T/Welding Cart One-Pak
VIN#: 1165020287
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Catalog Number:K2301-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2301-1 SP-135T/Welding Cart One-Pak
Combination Wire Feeder/MIG and Flux-Cored Welder with Welding Cart

Looking for a versatile, value-packed welding partner for your home hobby shop or workshop? Lincoln's SP-135T is a great choice! This lightweight, compact 120V wire feeder/welder breezes through MIG welds on a wide range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It also handles flux-cored welds on mild steel with ease. Practically everything you need to MIG weld mild steel is right in the box – just install a cylinder of shielding gas and you'll be welding like a pro in no time!

Advantage Lincoln
• Ready To Weld! Includes mild steel MIG wire and adjustable gas regulator and hose kit. Just add shielding gas (sold separately).
• Large easy to set knobs provide 4-position adjustable tap voltage control and continuous full-range control of wire feed speed.
• Capabilities include welding 24 gauge through 3/16" mild steel with MIG and up to 5/16" with self-shielded flux-cored wire. Install K549-1 and use Innershield NR-211-MP for flux-cored welding. Install K664-2 Aluminum Feeding Kit and Argon shielding gas to weld 22 gauge through 1/8" aluminum.
• Designed to feed .023-.035" (0.6-0.9mm) diameter mild and stainless steel MIG wire, .035" (0.9mm) diameter flux-cored wire and .035" diameter 4043 aluminum MIG wire.
• Welder settings reference chart conveniently located inside wire feed section door makes it easy to set the machine for mild steel welding jobs.
• Gun trigger controlled output feature provides added safety by keeping welding wire electrically "cold" until trigger is pressed.
• Three year warranty on parts and labor. (90 days warranty on gun and cable).

MIG Flux-Cored

Unit Includes
Magnum® 100L welding gun and 10 ft. cable assembly, 10 ft. work cable and work clamp, 6 ft input power cord with NEMA Type 5-15P plug, factory installed gas solenoid valve, adjustable gas regulator for Ar and Ar-blend gases (gas regulator requires an adapter — sold separately — for use with CO2 cylinders), gas hose, 2 lb. spool of .025" SuperArc™ L-56 mild steel MIG wire, six spare .023/.025" contact tips, welding handshield with #10 filter plate and clear glass cover plate, and K2275-1 Welding Cart. Shielding gas sold separately. Assembly required.

Welding Specifications

Rated CV Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Output Range Wire Feed Speed Range (IPM) Wire Feed Speed Range (M/MIN) Solid Wire Size Range Cored Wire Size Range
90/19/20% 25-135A DC 50-300 1.2-7.6 .023-.035" .035"