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Lincoln Electric K2373-1 Power Wave 355M Ready-Pak (aluminum)
VIN#: 1165863415
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Catalog Number:K2373-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2373-1 Power Wave 355M Ready-Pak (aluminum)
Superior Arc Performance. Revolutionary Communication.

The Power Wave 355M features some of Lincoln's best performance technologies and processes all rolled into one highly efficient inverter power source designed for high-end semiautomatic welding. Lincoln’s Waveform Control Technology™ is at the heart of the Power Wave 355M's performance, enabling processes such as Pulse-On-Pulse™ and Power Mode™. Precise control of process parameters allows you to weld on a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nickel alloys in virtually any application. Optimize the arc for each wire type and size for a consistent weld time after time with the Power Wave 355M.

Advantage Lincoln
• Lincoln’s Waveform Control Technology™ gives you the ability to select the right waveform for each application — that means the arc has been optimized for each wire type and size for exceptionally smooth arc performance.
• Utilizes ArcLink™ — the leading digital communication protocol for welding, making it the best choice for seamless, time critical integration with the power source.
• Push-pull capability for ultimate aluminum welding with the Power Feed 10M wire feeder.
• Pulse-On-Pulse™ welding mode improves cleaning action when welding aluminum and delivers a TIG-like bead appearance.
• Power Mode™ maintains a stable, smooth arc for short arc welding on thin materials.
• State-of-the-art inverter technology provides high power efficiency, excellent welding performance and a lightweight, compact design.
• Rigorous environmental, mechanical and weld testing ensures ruggedness and reliability.
• Three-year warranty on parts and labor.
• Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements and 14001 environmental standards.

Stick TIG MIG Pulsed Flux-Cored Gouging

Unit Includes
Power Wave 355M Power Source, Power Feed 10M Wire Feeder (Bench Model), .035 (0.9mm) Drive Roll and Split Wire Guide Kit (Aluminum), 3/64 (1.2mm) Drive Roll and Split Wire Guide Kit (Aluminum), Python 25 ft. Air-Cooled Torch, Push-Pull Torch Connector Kit, Work and Wire Feeder Power Cables Package, Inverter and Wire Feeder Cart, Harris® Flowmeter/Regulator and Gas Hose (10 ft), Power Input Cable. Shipped fully assembled. Shielding gas sold separately.

Welding Specifications

Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Rated CV Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Output Range
5-425A DC