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Lincoln Electric K2507-2 Vantage 300 Deutz Ready-Pak (Eye)
VIN#: 1165986558
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Catalog Number:K2507-2
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2507-2 Vantage 300 Deutz Ready-Pak (Eye)
Compact, Multi-Process, Excellent Value

The Vantage 300 is an ideal choice for construction teams, pipe rig owners and rental fleet managers. Housed in a compact, corrosion resistant stainless steel case, this rugged welder/generator features Lincoln Chopper Technology™ to deliver great arc starts and a smooth arc for stick, TIG or wire welding.

The quiet, smooth-running 1800 rpm water-cooled 4-cylinder Kubota® or Deutz® diesel engine generates 12,500 watts of 3 Phase or 11,500 watts of 1 Phase auxiliary power. And, it’s loaded with convenience features you’ll wish you had on your last welder! It all adds up – top arc performance, a smooth reliable engine, plenty of auxiliary power, compact case and tough materials that are built to last!

Advantage Lincoln
• Compact Case With Stainless Steel Enclosure
- Small size and light weight is suitable for many pickup trucks. Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine-access door deliver added protection and durability.

• Multi-Process Welding, Simple to Operate
- Select one of four Process Modes, including CC-Stick (up to 3/16"), Downhill Pipe (for stick), Touch-Start TIG® or CV-Wire (up to 5/64"), and then dial in the desired output.

• Plenty of AC Generator Power
- 12.5 kW peak (11 kW continuous) 3-Phase 240V AC generator power. Will power industrial equipment such as a plasma cutter, pump or inverter welder.
- 11.5 kW peak (10 kW continuous) 1-phase AC generator power for common construction tools.

• Arc Gouging
- Arc gouging with up to 1/4” carbons.

• Reliable Engines
- 4 cylinder 1800 RPM Kubota or Deutz diesel engines run smooth and quiet. Standard engine gauges allow you to monitor performance at a glance.

• Innovative Service Access
- Lockable, removable sliding engine access door provides ample space for engine and oil filter work without requiring a large clearance space on your truck. 55% more access than competitive product.
- Battery drawer on front of machine and top-mounted radiator cover provide convenient access to these systems.
- Patent-pending tilt down control panel for easy servicing of internal components.

Physical specifications
Weight:1828 lbs. (830 kgs. )

Stick TIG MIG Flux-Cored Gouging

Unit Includes
Vantage 300, Trailer (K953-1), Lunette Eye Hitch (K958-2), Fender and Light Kit (K959-1), Cable Rack (K965-1), Electrode Holder (K909-7), Electrode Cables - 110 ft total (2 - K2485-2, 1 - K2483-2), Work Clamp (K910-1), Work Cable - 50 ft (K2484-2), Cable Connectors (2 - K2487-1) and six 10 lb cans of 1/8" Excalibur 7018 (ED028482) stick electrode. Shipped fully assembled.

Welding Specifications
Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Rated CV Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Output Range
30-400A DC
40-300A Pipe
20-250A DC TIG
14-32V CV

Engine Specifications
Type of Engine Cylinders HP & Speed (rpm) Generator Output Fuel Type
Deutz D2008L4 4 24@1800 3-PH: 12.5 kW peak
11.0 kW cont. 1-PH: 11.5 kW peak
10.0 kW cont.