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Lincoln Electric K1655-2 LFA 4.1 13 ft Extraction Arm
VIN#: 1166034714
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Catalog Number:K1655-2
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K1655-2 LFA 4.1 13 ft Extraction Arm
Low Vacuum Flexible Extraction Arm

The flexible extraction arms are built the Lincoln Electric® way — rugged and reliable. Designed with the welder in mind, the arms come equipped with a 360° rotatable hood for optimal positioning. With the hood positioned 6-10" (152-254 mm) from the welding source, the welding location remains clearly visible while the fumes are extracted.
Correct positioning of the hood allows for effective “source” extraction and removal of the welding fume away from the welder’s breathing zone. It is recommended that the hood is positioned 6-10" (152-254 mm) to the front or the side of the welding location in order to draw the welding fume away from the welder’s breathing zone.

The LFA 3.1 and LFA 4.1 extraction arms can be combined with the Mobiflex™ fume extraction units. All extraction arms can be used with the Statiflex™ fume extraction units.

Advantage Lincoln
• Ultra-easy positioning
• Minimal maintenance
• Dent and scratch resistant material
• Unique spring-balanced internal mechanism: LFA 3.1/4.1/4.1-LC
• Unique advanced friction internal mechanism: LTA 2.0/LFA 2.0
• 360° rotatable hood
• Airflow throttle valve
• 1 year warranty

Physical specifications
Weight:37.5 lbs. (17 kgs. )

Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored