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Lincoln Electric K2316-1 Power Feed 10M Dual (16 ft Generic Boom Model)
VIN#: 1166059672
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Catalog Number:K2316-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2316-1 Power Feed 10M Dual (16 ft Generic Boom Model)

Power Feed 10M wire feeders for boom mounting – your top choice for neat, uncluttered semiautomatic work stations. The 10M single or dual industrial wire feeders are recommended for multi-process wire welding in the automotive manufacturing, pressure vessels/heavy plate, or job shop fabrication industries, particularly when code quality work is required. Why? With the MSP4 user interface panel, you can access Lincoln's industry-leading Waveform Control Technology™ for an unprecedented level of arc control on virtually any material. You also get the IR Port with Lincoln's Palm™ OS-based Weld Manager™ software, for wireless remote access to system configuration, allowing you to manage one or many welding systems from the palm of your hand.

Advantage Lincoln
• Employed to provide a wider elevated radius for larger weldment fabrication.
• Operators will love the close access to welding controls, added features and balanced reach of the recommended Lincoln 6000 Series Welding Arm.
• World-class arc performance on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Install custom software to weld exotic alloys like copper, nickel and silicon bronze with ease.
• Waveform Control Technology™ featuring patented processes like Pulse-On-Pulse™, for a TIG-like bead appearance, and Power Mode™, for a stable arc at low current levels.
• ArcLink® capability for networking welding equipment.
• Synergic CV MIG welding with ideal voltage setting indicator for accurate settings.
• Pulsed MIG process - great for low spatter, low heat input and out-of-position applications – makes virtually any operator a better welder!
• Easy-to-understand user interface panel with large numeric displays so it's easy to set weld parameters.
• Three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Physical specifications
Weight:58.5 lbs. (26.5 kgs. )

MIG Pulsed STT Flux-Cored Stick TIG Gouging

Unit Includes
MSP4 Panel, Dual Procedure/Memory Panel, Gun Trigger Cable, ArcLink/Linc-Net Control Cables - 8 ft and 25 ft, Hardware Kit (high speed pinion gear, mounting hardware), and Power Wave Utilities CD-ROM.

Wire Feeder Specifications
Input Wire Speed Range ipm (m/min) Solid Wire Size Range in (mm) Cored Wire Size Range in (mm)
40VDC 50-1200 (1.2-30.5) .025-3/32 (0.6-2.4) .035-.120 (0.9-3.0)