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Lincoln Electric K1809-1 Magnum SG Spool Gun, Air-Cooled, 25 ft. with Adapter for Power MIG 215/200
VIN#: 1166201489
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Catalog Number:K1809-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K1809-1 Magnum SG Spool Gun, Air-Cooled, 25 ft. with Adapter for Power MIG 215/200

The Magnum® SG – a lightweight, well balanced semiautomatic spool gun designed for easy and reliable aluminum wire feeding with a variety of CV power sources and engine-driven welders. Rated 250 amps @ 60%, the Magnum SG features a generous 25 ft (7.5 m) gun cable and integrated wire feed speed control in the handle to cut your trips back to the power source.
Easy to set up, operate and maintain...the Magnum SG is a great addition to your welding tool set.

Advantage Lincoln
• Large Easy-Grip Handle.
• Sizable Trigger is easy to use with gloved hands.
• Remote Wire Speed Control reduces trips to the welding power source.
• Clear Spool Gun Body Cover makes it easy to check the wire drive path.
• Gas Nozzle is built to stand up to rugged use.
• Clear electrode Wire Spool Cover allows you to check remaining wire at a glance.
• Generous 25 ft. (7.5 m) Gun Cable Assembly allows you to work a significant distance from your welding power source.

Physical specifications
Weight:2.7 lbs. (1.2 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 6.5 x 3.5 x 16.5
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 165 x 89 x 419


Gun Specifications

Wire Diameter in (mm) Cable Length Rated Amperage
.023-3/64 (0.6-1.2) 25 ft. 250