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Lincoln Electric K2391-1 Power REAM
VIN#: 1166218231
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Catalog Number:K2391-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2391-1 Power REAM
Power REAM
Robotic Torch Maintenance Center

Maintain high quality and productivity in your MIG robotic welding cell with the Power REAM™ from Lincoln Electric. This automatic nozzle cleaning station removes and reduces spatter accumulation for improved performance. The Power REAM clamps the torch nozzle firmly in place while a constant torque air-motor drives a high-speed reamer, cutting away spatter from the nozzle, contact tip, and gas diffuser. A vortex action anti-spatter sprayer provides a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the inside of the nozzle for superior protection against weld spatter buildup.

Advantage Lincoln
• The Power REAM delivers features unmatched in current competitive models. The design of the Power REAM offers a simple pushbutton "No Error" programming technique, with the added advantage of interactive process monitoring.
• The Power REAM is the only reamer to offer an automatic retry feature. It detects when excessive spatter builds up, preventing the reamer from fully extending into the nozzle. When this occurs, the reamer retracts and automatically retries.
• Diamond-shaped clamp design provides a positive, self-centering grip on all nozzle sizes.
• Input and output signals are easily configured, allowing easy integration for all makes and models of robot systems.
• Maintenance features such as on-board diagnostic indicator lights and error codes allow trouble-free setup, fast maintenance, and easy replacement of standard components.
• One year warranty on parts and labor.
• Standard integrated wire clipper provides consistent wire stickout and removes the ball end of the welding wire to provide superior arc starting performance for .030"- 1/16'" (0.8-1.6mm) solid wires.

Physical specifications
Weight:62 lbs. (28 kgs. )

Reamer Sprayer Wire Clipper

Unit Includes
• Reaming Station (5/8 inch reamer bit included)
• Spray System
• Wire Cutter
• 20 ft. (6.0m) Input Cable

Welding Specifications

Input DC Volts
24V DC