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Lincoln Electric K2263-1 Power Wave 455M/STT Robotic 208/230/460/575/3/50/60
VIN#: 1166223837
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Catalog Number:K2263-1
Manufacturer:Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K2263-1 Power Wave 455M/STT Robotic 208/230/460/575/3/50/60
Power Wave 455M/STT Robotic
The Next Generation . .

The Power Wave 455M/STT Robotic is a high performance, digitally controlled inverter power source designed for robotic, hard automation and semiautomatic applications. It is designed to be part of a modular, multi-process welding system that can be arranged in a variety of ways for optimum, customized performance and easy maintenance. Optional DeviceNet™ and Ethernet communication modules provide networking capabilities and allow the power sources to communicate with other industrial machines to create a highly integrated and flexible welding cell. Features Lincoln's STT® process for applications in which heat input control, minimal distortion, reduced spatter and low fumes are essential.

Advantage Lincoln
• Program your own waveform or choose from over 60 standard welding waveform programs that offer a broad range of electrode size, type and shielding gas combinations to give you optimal appearance, penetration, beadshape and travel speed for each application.
• Modular design enables robotic, hard automation and semiautomatic applications using a single machine platform.
• Optional communication modules provide networking capabilities via DeviceNet or Ethernet.
• Utilizes ArcLink® - the leading digital communication protocol for welding, making it the best choice for seamless, time critical integration to the power source and networked equipment.
• Software based controls can be upgraded as new features become available.
• Process and production monitoring with access to real time (500Hz) feedback such as arc current, voltage and wire feed speed. Access to internal data acquisition (10KHz) and access to real time machine status such as fault/alarm conditions and arc time.
• A Power Wave inverter operates at a high efficiency (88-90%) with a 95% minimum power factor (at rated output) and is capable of operating from a universal input voltage (208 to 575 volts).
• Features Lincoln's Surface Tension Transfer (STT) Process, which controls heat input for great penetration and reduced spatter and fumes.

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Physical specifications
Weight:293 lbs. (133 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 26.1 x 19.9 x 32.9
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 663 x 505 x 835

MIG Pulsed STT Flux-Cored

Welding Specifications

Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Rated CV Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Output Range
450/38/100% 450/38/100% 5-570A DC