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US Motors | VB60T3B | 60HP | 1200RPM | 2400RPM2 | 3PH | 0-60HZ | 404T | TEBC
VIN#: 1169050853
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Catalog Number:VB60T3B
Manufacturer:US Motors
RPM:1200 / 2400

Definite Purpose Three Phase Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEBC) Hostile Duty, Vector Duty 0-1800 RPM (0-60 Hz) Speed Range Constant Torque

Designed for conveyors, presses, hoists or other inverter powered applications having constant torque requirements at or near zero speed.

5:1 (12-60 Hz) Speed Range Constant Torque
  • Inverter Grade® Insulation System (Meets NEMA MG-1 Part 31)
  • Class F Thermostats (1/Phase), Premium Efficient, Special Balance
  • Cast Iron Frame (140: Rolled Steel), Cast Iron End Brackets
  • Mill & Chemical Duty Paint, 40C Ambient, NEMA Design B (4)
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate & Zinc Plated Hardware
  • Shaft Slinger For IP54 Protection, Constant HP To 90 Hz
  • Class F Insulation, 1.15 S.F. On Sine Wave / 1.0 S.F. On PWM
  • Regreasable Bearings 250 Frame & Up, Lifting Provisions 180 Frame & Up
  • Sealed Bearings 140, Double Shielded 180-360, Open On 400-440
  • Double Dip & Bake With Extra Bracing
  • 5-28 Volt, 1024 PPR Encoder, Quadrature Output
  • Constant Speed Blower: 115V (140-180 Frame), 230/460V (210-440 Frame)
  • 9 Pin Sub-D Encoder Connector Standard, 10 Pin MS Connector Optional
  • Conversion Kits: Cast Iron Conduit Box, C&D Flanges: See pages 401-414


  • 230/460 Blower Voltage

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