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US Motors | H125E2GS | 125HP | 1800RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 444TS | TEFC
VIN#: 1169411392
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Catalog Number:H125E2GS
Manufacturer:US Motors

General Purpose Three Phase, Totally Enclosed
Fan Cooled (TEFC) Hostile Duty Energy Efficient

Designed for saw mills, mines, foundries, waste management factilities, and other process related industries requiring
protection within hostile operationing conditions.

  • Class F Insulation, Class B Rise At Full Load (4)
  • Cast Iron Frame (140: Rolled Steel), Cast Iron End Brackets
  • Corrosion Resistant Mill & Chemical Duty Paint
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate (with CE Mark) & Zinc Plated Hardware
  • Shaft Slinger On Pulley End For IP54 Protection
  • Full 50 & 60 Hertz Operating Data On Nameplate (3)
  • 40C Ambient, NEMA Design B Performance (4)
  • Regreasable Ball Bearings 250 Frame & Up, Lifting Provisions 180 Frame & Up
  • Double Shielded Bearings 140-360, Open On 400-440
  • Suitable For Wye-Delta Start 250 Frame & Larger
  • Dual Voltage Ratings Suitable For Part Winding Start (PWS) On Low Voltage
  • Field Convertible To F2 Mounting 180 Frame & Larger
  • Condensation Drains With Plastic Plugs
  • Conversion Kits: All Cast Iron Upgrade, C&D Flanges, Canopy Kits (except 320-360)


  • Suitable for Wye-Delta start on voltages shown

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