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US Motors | M14S1FZCR | 1/4HP | 3600RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 63M | TEFC
VIN#: 1169457721
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Catalog Number:M14S1FZCR
Manufacturer:US Motors
Mounting:C Face Footless

General Purpose Three Phase, International Product
IEC Metric - IP55 TEFC (Does Not Meet EP Act 92 or NRCan Efficiency)

Designed to meet IEC and international specifications for use in Europe, Asia, and Latin and South America.

B14 Face
  • Class F Insulation, Ambient -16C to +40C
  • Aluminum Frame With Cast Iron Endshields (ex. 71 Frame)
  • Protective Paint (Polyurethane Vinyl 25/30 Micormet. Treatment)
  • "CE" Approved Motors. "CE" Mark On Nameplate
  • IP55 Enclosure, Inverter Rated (2:1 ratio)
  • 1.0 Service Factor 50 Hz, 1.15 Service Factor 60 Hz
  • IP55 Conduit Box, F0 Assembly, Cable Glands In Any Of 4 Directions
  • Bearings For Motors Up To 160 Frame Are Greased For Life
  • Motors Can Operate At 60 Hz, 460 Volt (+/-5%)
    Or At 50 Hz, 380 Volts (+/-5%), 400 Volts (+/-10%), 415 Volts (+/-5%)
  • 15HP & Up Suitable For Wye-Delta Start
    & Can Operate At 400V Delta/50 Hz (or 460V Delta/60 Hz)
  • Below 15HP Can Operate At 230V Delta/400V Wye at 50 Hz
    (or 265V Delta/460V Wye at 60 Hz)

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