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Siemens | 1LA02848SE21 | 10HP | 900RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 284T | TEFC
VIN#: 1171522832
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Catalog Number:1LA02848SE21
Mounting:Horizontal Foot Mounted

Severe Duty High Efficient TEFC

RGZESD - Horizontal, Foot Mounted


High efficiency severe duty TEFC motors
are ideal for both indoor and outdoor
applications and in severe duty
operating atmospheres. These motors
are ideal for use in chemical processing,
mining, foundry, pulp and paper, waste
management and petro/chemical.

Performance Specifications

  • 1 to 400 HP
  • 1.15 service factor, 40ºC ambient
  • 3600, 1800, 1200, 900 or 720 RPM
  • 3 phase, 60 Hz; 230/460 volt
    operation under 25 HP, 460 volt 25 HP and above; 200 & 575 volt available
  • Meets or exceeds NEMA efficiency
  • Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise
  • NEMA Design B, Continuous Duty
  • 143T through S449 frame

Features for Long Life

Frame & End Shields – Cast iron
construction for exceptional structural
integrity with condensation T-drains.
Lifting eyebolts are included for frames
213T to S449.

Rotor – A unique offset rotor bar design
provides improved efficiency while
larger bars and end rings reduce
resistance for lower rotor losses. Each
die cast aluminum rotor assembly is
dynamically balanced for extended
bearing life, and includes a highstrength
carbon steel (C1045) shaft for
maximum rotor performance.

Stator/Windings – Manufactured with
premium electrical grade steel
laminations and copper electrical
magnet wire to lower losses for
improved efficiencies. A unique stator
core design lowers flux density while
increasing cooling capacity. Large
conductor cross section reduces
resistance and lowers stator losses.

Insulation – Proprietary inverter-rated
NEMA Class F non-hygroscopic
insulation system with Class B
temperature rise, provides an extra
margin of thermal life. Varnish system
application ensures maximum wire
penetration to provide protection from
moisture, corrosion and electrical shock.
This insulation system meets or exceeds
NEMA MG1-2003, Part 31 making all
motors suitable for operation with
variable frequency drives.

Cooling – A bi-directional, non-sparking
fan is locked and keyed to the shaft. Its
low-inertia design reduces windage
losses, improves airflow, reduces noise
and provides dependable cooling. Cast
iron fan covers are provided on all frame

Bearings – Regreasable, oversized single
shielded with cast iron inner caps.
Alemite grease fittings on the inlets and
pipe plugs on the relief ports for ease of
routine maintenance. For added bearing
protection, 143T-256T frames have a
drive end shaft seal and 284T-449T
frames have a drive end shaft V-ring

Lubrication – A specially formulated,
high temperature tested, polyurea based
grease is used to provide more than four
times the lubrication life of other
polyurea greases.

Oversized Conduit Box – Cast iron
construction that is larger than industry
standards, diagonally-split, neoprene
gasketed and rotatable in 90º
increments for quick and easy
connections. Includes a ground lug and
non-wicking, clearly and
permanently marked leads.

Corrosion Resistance – Cast iron
construction, zinc-plated hardware,
epoxy enamel paint and stainless steel
nameplate resist rust and corrosion.
Modifiable – All Siemens motors are
available with a wide variety of
modifications to meet your specific
motor needs.