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WEG | 06036EP3E364TS | 60HP | 3600RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 364TS | TEFC
VIN#: 1172038384
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Catalog Number:06036EP3E364TS
Mounting:Foot Mounted

Three Phase - Foot Mount and Flange Mount

WEG’s W21™ Severe Duty High Efficiency motors are designed to meet or exceed all EPAct requirements for energy efficiency as defined by the DOE. The efficiency values are certified according to the DOE’s regulations (Certificate of Compliance number CC029A)

W21™ motors meet the most demanding severe duty application requirements. These TEFC motors are all cast iron construction, with enclosures rated IP55 to handle wet and dirty environments. They are painted with WEG’s own special system, using synthetic enamel alkyd resin paints, which exceed the ASTM B117 standard for salt spray test. The W21TM line is rated for 1.25 Service Factor up to 100HP and meet both Design B and Design C torque requirements up to 100HP. This line is rated for dual frequency and dual voltage (with reduced service factor) up to 30 HP. And the entire line is certified Inverter Rated for use with a VFD. This rating meets or exceeds MG1 Part 31 NEMA Specifications.


  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Crushers
  • Conveyors
  • Machine tools
  • Milling applications
  • Centrifugal machines
  • Presses
  • Elevators
  • Looms
  • Grinders
  • Woodworking
  • Cooling
  • Packaging equipment
  • Other Severe Duty applications

Optional Features

  • Special voltages
  • Specially designed shaft
  • Space heaters (standard on 586/7
  • Labyrinth tachonite seal available for
    all ratings
  • Thermostats or RTD’s (PT100)
  • Additional terminal box
  • Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down
  • Cable glands
  • ‘C’ and ‘D’ flanges for all ratings
  • Roller bearings on drive end
    available for all frames
  • Special epoxy painting

Standard Features

  • Efficiency Certification number CC029A according to US Department of Energy Regulations
  • Three-phase, II, IV, VI and VIII pole, 60Hz
  • Voltage: 208-230/460V, 200V, 460V or 575V
  • 50/60Hz rated up to 30HP For 40HP and up, please contact your sales office
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - TEFC (IP55) water tight and dust tight enclosure
  • Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast
  • V-ring slingers on both endshields (586/7 frame equipped with labyrinth tachonite seal as standard)
  • All 3600RPM and 1800RPM motors are supplied with ball bearings as standard.
    Roller bearings are supplied as standard on frames above 404T, 1200RPM and 900RPM
  • 1045 heat treated and stress relieved carbon steel shaft (4140 for roller bearings motors)
  • NEMA dimensions
  • Class ‘F’ insulation for all frames, all insulation materials are Class ‘H’ (180oC) except motor leads (Class ‘F’)
  • Temperature rise: Class ‘B’ (80oC)
  • NEMA ratings design ‘B’ *


  • Service Factor:1.25 up to 100HP
    1.15 from 125HP and up
  • Continuous duty (S1)
  • 104oF (40oC) ambient temperature
  • Altitude: 3300 ft (1000 m)
  • NPT threaded terminal box
  • F1 mounted T-Box
    F2 mounting capable
  • Stainless steel nameplate AISI 316 with
    laser etching
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel alkyd resin
    base (exceeds ASTM B117 salt spray
  • Color: RAL 5007 - Blue (II, IV and VI
  • Automatic drain plugs - pressure
  • Regreasable bearings, positive
    pressure lubrication system (frames
    254T and up)
  • Thermistors type PTC (1 per phase)
    from frames 324T and up
    • Continuous flow class ‘H’ resin
    insulation system
  • Gasketed conduit box
    • Roller bearing models available
  • MGI Part 31 rating for use with VFD -
    4:1 constant torque speed range
    Speed range can be extended with
    optional Blower kit
Note: Motors are nameplated Class I Div. II Groups B, C and D and Class F components from frames 364T and up

* Design B torque rating on nameplate can be re-plated for Design C

All motors are tested according to IEEE 112 std. - method ‘B’ or C390 CSA
All WEG motors are energy efficiency verified by UL in addition to the DOE.


  • For C flange models - add a C to the end of the part number. Ex. 00518EP3E184TC. Please refer to Accessories Section for flange prices..