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GE | S2061 | 25HP | 1800RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 284TC |
VIN#: 1172449576
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Catalog Number:S2061

olts: 230/460, 460
HP: 1.5-300
Adjustable Speed Motor A$D
1.5-300 HP
230/460, 460, 575 volt
Totally Enclosed
GEGARD20007 Insulation System
Infinite:1 Constant Torque Speed Range
3 N.C. Thermostat
UL and CSA recognized
Provision to Install Encoder
HP Range 1.5-300
Frame Size 143-449
Poles 4
Voltage 460
Frequency 60 Hz
NEMA Design A
Time Rating Continuous
Mounting F1
Mounting Holes 2 per foot
DE Mounting 143-286: Nema C-face mount
Ambient 40C
Altitude 3300 ft
Service Factor 1.0
Insulation Class F (Class H materials with Class F leads)
Insulation System Non-Hygroscopic, Anti-Fungus, meets NEMA MG1-31
Temperature Rise 80C @ 1.0 SF sine wave power, 105C PWM power
Thermal Protection 140-280, 2 NC Thermostats 320-449, 3 NC Thermostats
Cooling 143-182: Non-Vent, 184-449: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled, 364-449: Blower Cooled also available.
Inverter Capabilities Variable Torque inf:1, Constant Torque inf:1
Bearing Type Ball
Bearing Caps Both ends. 143-286: ODE is gasketed, 324-449: both ends are gasketed
Bearing Protection Recessed Slinger, Inpro Seal kit available
L10 Bearing Life Direct Coupled: 130,000 hrs, Belted: 26,280 hrs, Belted L10a 50,000
Grease Polyurea
Relubrication Both ends, extended through the fan cover
Frame Material Cast Iron
End Shield Cast Iron
Conduit Box Gasketed and rotatable, Fabricated Steel above 250 Amps, All other: Cast iron
Fan Cover Cast Iron
Fan Non-Sparking Plastic or Bronze
Fasteners SAE, Grade 5
Nameplate Stainless Steel Includes Weight, Vibration Limit, Service Factor, Speed Range Constant Torque and Constant HP
Ground Ground lug in Conduit Box
Lifting Means 143-286: 4 Lugs cast into frame, 324-449: 2 Lugs cast into frame
Drains Brass T-drains
Paint Gray, Epoxyester
Rotor Cast Aluminum
Balance/Vibration .055 IPS
Shaft TIR Meets IEEE 841, .001 in for shaft diameter 1.625 in and smaller, .0015 in for shaft diameter greater than 1.625 in.
Foot Draft Angle +/- 1.5 degrees
Foot Flatness 0.005 inches
Tach Mounting DE C-face provision for tach mounting. 143-184: 4.5" rabbet, 213-449: 8.5 rabbet
Vibration Pads Cast in vibration pads for repeatable measurements
Centered Core Allows F1-F2 field conversion
Tests NEMA Routine Report including Vibration supplied with motor, IEEE 112
Agency Approvals UL - Component and Insulation System Recognition, CSA -Motors
Warranty 12 months from date of purchase or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever occurs