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GE | S3407 | 500HP | 1800RPM | 3PH | 60HZ | 509L | WII
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Catalog Number:S3407

Medium Voltage
Above NEMA (2300/4600 Volts)
Standard Features

HP Range 250-900
Frame Size 509-5013
Poles 2,4,6
Voltage 2300/4000
Frequency 60 Hz
NEMA Design Standard Torque
Time Rating Continuous
Mounting F1
Mounting Holes 1 per foot
Ambient 40C
Altitude 3300 ft
Service Factor 1.0 or 1.15
Insulation Class F
Insulation System Formed Coil, Epoxy VPI
Temperature Rise 80C @ 1.0SF, 105C @ 1.0SF, or 115C @ 1.15 SF
Inverter Capabilities Consult factory
Efficiency Standard or Premium
Bearing Type 509-5013: Ball bearings both ends. 509-5011, 1800RPM and slower: Field convertible to DE roller bearing
Bearing Caps 509-5013 TEFC: Both ends.
Bearing Protection 509-5013: Shaft Slinger
L10 Bearing Life Direct Coupled: 50,000 hrs
Grease 509-5013: Polyurea
Relubrication Both ends
Frame Material Cast Iron
End Shield Cast Iron
Conduit Box 509-5013: Gasketed and rotatable, Fabricated Steel
Fan Cover 509-5013 TEFC: Cast Iron
Fan 509-5013 TEFC: Aluminum
Fasteners SAE
Nameplate Stainless Steel
Ground Ground lug in Conduit Box
Lifting Means 4 Lugs cast into frame
Paint Epoxyester. Standard efficiency: Gray, Premium efficiency: Buff
Rotor 509-5013: Cast Aluminum unless otherwise noted
Balance/Vibration NEMA MG1 Standard
Tests NEMA Routine, IEEE 112
Space Heater 509-5013 TEFC: 115V
Temperature Sensing 509-5013: 100ohm Platinum Stator Winding RTDs
Shaft Material 509-5011,1800RPM and slower: AISI 4140. 509-5011, 3600RPM and 5013: AISI 1045
Warranty 12 months from date of purchase or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever occurs first


  • Internal shaft design allows for field conversion of drive-end ball bearing to roller bearing.
  • Class F temperature rise at 1.0 service factor, maximum ambient is 40C.

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