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Marathon 215TTFS6505 HP: 10 Volts: 575 RPM: 3600
VIN#: 1189888930
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Catalog Number:E657
Enclosure:Totally Enclosed
Model No.:215TTFS6505
Mounting:Rigid Base

Premium Severe Duty/Chemical Processing, Three Phase,
NEMA Premium® Efficiency, Blue Chip XRI®
Totally Enclosed, Rigid Base


Chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, mines, food processing, foundries, and other
severe duty environments where long life and ultra-high efficiency are desired.
Guaranteed efficiencies offer an eXtra Return on your Investment when using these
premium efficiency motors on high cycle or long run applications.


  • Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium® efficiencies, except where noted
  • Blue Chip® quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration
  • Provisions to add stub shaft for an encoder (182T-449T, TEFC only)
  • Internal and external epoxy paint
  • MAX GUARD® Class F insulation system
  • 1.15 Service Factor on sinewave , 1.0 Service Factor on IGBT power
  • Bearing caps (254T and larger)
  • Precision balanced
  • Extended grease tubes, regreasable in service
  • Brass drain and breather
  • Meets IEEE45 USCG Marine Duty, IP54 Construction
  • Meets Ford EM1 Automotive Duty Specification
  • Division 2 CSA certification nameplate, for hazardous locations, Class I,
    Groups A, B, C, and D
  • Actual test and vibration data supplied with each motor
  • Ball bearings, except where noted
  • UL Recognized (through 449T) CSA Certified
  • Three year warranty

Available with Nameplate Modification (through 40 HP):

  • 2:1, 20:1, or 1000:1 Constant Torque, 1.0 Service Factor on IGBT (PWM) power
  • 1.25 Service Factor through 40 HP (sinewave only)
  • 50HZ at same HP, 1.0 Service Factor through 40 HP (sinewave only)
  • Contact Marathon Electric for optional nameplate markings on 50 HP and larger
CT Speed Range: 2:1
  • Requires nameplate modification
Nom Eff: 91.7
FL. Amps.: 9.5
Approx. Weight Lbs.: 218
C-Dim.: 19.72


  • Addition of C-Face Kits may result in non-NEMA 'BA' dimension; for the resulting 'BA' dimension consult chart found in modification section
  • Stock Model
  • Cast Iron Frame
  • Requires nameplate modification
  • Efficiency levels meet or exceed U.S. EPAct and/or NRCan Canadian standards