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D1050 TRANE OEM DIRECT Replacement Models
VIN#: 1202867584
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Catalog Number:D1050
Model No.:D1050

Model: D1050
H.P.: 1/8
Volts: 230
Amps Ratings: 1.1
RPM: 1550
Speeds: 1
Figure: C
Type: PSC
Mounting: Band
Diameter: 5.0
Rotation: C.W.
"A" Dim: 3-1/4
Shaft Dia and Length.: 1/2 x 3
Reference No.,: WW94X236SPW W94X936PSC


  • Rotation is determined by looking at shaft end. Shaft length is measured from motor face.
  • Products on this page are NOT SUITABLE for unattended equipment.
  • Ball bearing motor
  • PSC motors use 5M 370V capacitors unless otherwise indicated.
  • Original motor is Shaded Pole, D1050 is PSC to provide greater motor efficiency and permit closing shaft end of motor to prevent moisture from entering motor

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