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ABS submersible drainage pump - J 84 LD - High flow - 3~ 230/460V 60Hz US
VIN#: 1244498012
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Catalog Number:J 84 LD

ABS submersible drainage pump - J 84 LD - High flow - 3~ 230/460V 60Hz US

Electric submersible pump.
Maximum submergence: 65 ft. Protection class: IP 68.
Max temperature of pumped medium at max power input and continuous duty 104ºF.
Max medium density: 0.0397 Lbs/inch3.
pH of the pumped medium: 5-8.
Strainer hole: 5/16" x 7/8". Max number of starts: 30/hour.

J 84 ND Medium head 3~
J 84 HD High head 3~
J 84 LD High flow 3~

Motor protection
Built-in thermal switches in the stator windings (284ºF, ±5), connected to built-in contactor.

Discharge connections
3”, 4”, 6” hose connections.
3”(standard HD), 4”(standard ND), 6”(standard LD) NPT threaded connections.

154 lb

Motor rating P2:
15.0 Hp
3400 rpm
Power cable:
65 ft type AWG

Technical Data Sheet:
ABS submersible drainage pump J 84 - 60 Hz

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Manuals and instructions:
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