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Westinghouse A200M4CACD Nema size 4 New magnetic motor starter
New, 120vac coil 3pole, no box
1 Westinghouse
AB Allen Bradley 509-DOD nema size 3 magnetic starter
Used surplus, 120vac coil, complete with lugs
1 Allen Bradley
A new Cutler Hammer AN16DNO nema size 1 magnetic starter
New in original box AN16DNOAB with 120vac coil, bi meta.....
1 Cutler Hammer
Furnas Siemens cat# 14BP32BFA3DA 3ph magnetic starter
Your cost $175.00 New surplus Furnas magnetic motor starter,.....
1 Furnas
Ab Allen Bradley 193-EA1KE overload relay for magnetic motor starter
Your cost $125.00 New surplus, class 10, 26-85 amps, for use.....
1 Allen Bradley
AB Allen Bradley 592-A2EA overload relay
Your cost $110.00 New surplus, 3phase, calss 20, 1.6-5amps, .....
1 Allen Bradley
AB Allen Bradley 505-AOD nema 0 reversing starter
Excellent condition, used surplus, 120vac coils, 3pole,.....
1 Allen Bradley
Search Magnetic Starter
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